About Feel Free MDVI

Feel Free MDVI describes activities to stimulate the sense of touch. Touch is an important compensatory sense for the visually impaired. People with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) often gain less tactile experiences. In addition, they often need help in understanding what they are sensing. Feel Free MDVI is a supplement to the observation instrument Tactual Profile MDVI for children and adults with severe multiple disabilities.

Target group of Feel Free MDVI

The target group of Feel Free MDVI are professionals who work with clients that have a visual and mental disability. These are clients who in addition to a visual impairment also have some other type of disability; for example a hearing impairment, deafness or motor disability, such as being bound to a wheelchair or bed. Parents and caregivers of people with MDVI can also use these activities.

Project members and contact

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