Tactual Profile MDVI, like the original Tactual Profile, consists of roughly two important parts to look at the tactile functioning.

Part 1: Item-set to observe tactual skills

The main categories are the same as in the original Tactual Profile, which are:

  • Tactual sensory functioning; noticing, body awareness, touch sensitivity, proprioception
  • Tactual motor functioning; manipulation, two-handedness
  • Tactual-perceptual functioning; recognition, perception of detail, part-whole relationships, tactile-spatial perception, figure-ground perception, tactual language, touch strategy

Part 2: Survey of factors which influence tactual perception

Tactual Profile MDVI also offers an overview of factors, which influence tactual perception and functioning. The survey provides a so-called tactual conceptual framework. They were specially written with MDVI persons taken into account.
In Client Variables: motor development, alertness,  incentive regulation, exploration style: taking initiative, preference for touch.
In Stimulus Variables: living environment variables: how do persons in his environment approach the client, impact of atmosphere. Distractors: sound, smell, amount of sensory stimuli.
For the assessment a special set of materials was composed, which is included in the observation kit.